Monday, November 22, 2010

Technical difficulties!

Ok, so I use my cute little apple laptop for blogging, surfing the web...pretty much everything. My husband has a nice iMac that he uses for work (he's a graphic designer) which we also upload all our pictures to. Unfortunately the hard drive crashed, which not only means my husband hasn't been able to work but that our pictures for the past year may have all been lost! We will pick it up today and are praying they could recover our pictures. We only had my husband's oldest son with us for the past year, not to mention our other son's Make A Wish trip on that computer!
My point with this is that I have had no pictures available to post :). Our son (the one that had cancer) recently had his 16th birthday party and I made him a super cute school pride dessert table! I can't wait to post pictures, hopefully after today I'll be able to!
In the mean time, check out this awesome give a way from one of my favorite blogs!

Happy Thanksgiving and best wishes to all your hard drives :)

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